Learn about Ammolite

 Ammolite is the coloured gemstone that comes from Canadian ammonites with a distinct, and vibrant rainbow colour. Globally, these are only found along the St. Mary River, south of Lethbridge, in Western Canada. This stunning iridescent gem, received its official gemstone status by the World Jewelry Confederation in 1981. Ammolite's extreme rarity has made it explosively popular in the last decade as the premier choice for gemstone investment. It has appreciated exponentially in value in just a short period of time. Fossil and gem enthusiasts come from around the globe to appreciate the beauty in our large collection of fully intact specimens. We are proud to have the largest and most diverse collection of ammolite in the country. 



Considered one of the richest fossil beds, Southern Alberta has always been a paradise for geologists and scientists. The geographic features created a unique environment to reserve ancient life and mineral, and ammolite is a precious gemstone found only in the area, one place on the entire planet.


The uniqueness of ammolite comes from its natural color and pattern. Unlike any other precious gemstone, every piece of ammolite has its own unique color, pattern and personality. No two pieces of ammolite are the same. 

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The number of color and its intensity determine the grade of an Ammolite. The top grade Ammolite Stone are able to display full spectrum color with high intensity while the lower grade ammolite can display little to no color with low intensity. Its rarity and value could be significantly different. In general, the more brilliant distinct color you could observe from a piece of ammolite the more precious it is.


The price of ammolite has been steadily increasing 30% per year in average, which makes it one of the most profitable options for gemstone investments; its increasing popularity and exhausting supply almost guarantee great return on your investment.