Ammolite Museum's genuine Ammolite gemstone jewelry is extremely rare and precious. It is a work of art meant to be worn. 

Where does Ammolite Museum ship to?

  • We ship from Canada to around the world. 
  • Domestic Shipping: There is a flat rate shipping fee of $15 for shipping within Canada.
  • International Shipping: When you place an order, shipping will be calculated at checkout based on your delivery location. Shipping rates do not include your countries' import duties.

What is Ammolite Museum's return policy?

  • Ammolite Museum offers exchange only (no refunds) on all sale or regular-priced online or in-store purchases that are returned within 14 days of the shipment date. Items must be returned in their original condition.

How is Ammolite Museum's Ammolite graded?

  • Like all gemstones, Ammolite is graded for quality. Based on the multiplicity and vibrancy of the colour in the stone, Ammolite can be graded as ‘standard’ (one or more brilliant colour), ‘A’ (two or more colour with good brilliance), ‘AA’ (at least 3 brilliant colours), and ‘AAA’ (3 to 5 brilliant colours with no matrix lines visible). The rarity of ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ Ammolite stones is akin to that of a flawless diamond. Read more about Ammolite here.

How do I care for my Ammolite jewellery?
Like all gemstones, Ammolite should be treated with care and attention.

  • Avoid exposure to direct heat.
  • Do not over-expose to water.
  • Avoid hard impact to the stone
  • Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners
  • Use a soft, none-abrasive cloth to clean your Ammolite jewelry.